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DJ Jackhammar
"Soul on the Roll"
This is not a new concept. I use a lot of the show titles theory in my choices of which track to play of the veteran artists I feature in my library. Only to use it a minimum amount of time in Production performances. My current show, the "Old School" Drop is doing very well which I may stick with that and seek syndication. My contract is almost up at When I signed with them I was seeking a well-established station with growth potential. However, I am not experiencing the solid infrastructure and reporting that I was expecting. So I am exploring my options closer to home. Getting my shows archived and up on a couple different platforms. Limited time (up to 30 days after show date) on also available on Youtube. I just started archiving on MIXCLOUD As for the rest of my history, it's 38 years deep as a long time member of the Pro's I keep myself in good company. I look forward to an online meet and greet see if I have a fit in your programming. Have a great Day.

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