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Wolfman Black
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Well versed in the study of life," Wolfman Black" does not present in any way shape or form, what a person would, could, or should expect from any other human on earth... And for our own entertainment pleasure... He has recorded a series of visual and audio works of exceptional quality. Some of his earlier works from the mid nineties was fundamental in organizing different town meetings. As he would use different events to promote social awareness. As a result of him being a high school student. Many in the area were quick to respond. Some of these town meetings were very fundamental in forming the legal interaction shared between the towns people and authority figures to this day. And on top of that... The kid had SOUL!! And the music moved the crowd!. It was long believed till current day. Had he not done night shows. Wilmington North Carolina (his home town) would not have had busses that run after seven till current date!. Now how's that for progress?.. Haven't felt the power enough?. Then we'll progress to the years when he was published in his cities newspapers, as one of the up and coming poets, destined to change the world. Ever growing as a young adult, a crew of friends, including him. Started what is now legendary in the Oakland community. "First Friday", is a collective of different artist around the area. They participate in a variety of activities from rapping, to paintings, wine tasting, automotive car shows, dancing of many forms. As well as a multitude of things about the event that can be searched on Google readily. ## **Raising the downtown Oakland revenue by 12.5%, over expected income, per that region per same time increment. This style of festival has now caught on to all of the cities in the area like an out of control chain letter! And just when you thought our hero had time to tie his shoelaces?!. Nope! He was back off doing community work with amputee children in the local area and organizing fundraiser events to help with the purchase of prosthetic limbs. Guess you just Can't keep a good Wolf Down?!. Still not a believer yet?. Still doesn't matter.. Because before he could even put the mic down from "First Friday".. He was off to the races to star in his very own radio/video show here in the Bay Area. The show is currently being broadcast in a multiple of different areas throughout the world. As a dj of KPR1.COM internet radio. Wolf (as called by friends and family) has brought a style of swagger that has not only earned him a weekend show. Saturday's 3 to 5pm pacific time. It has also earned him a morning show 8 to 10a.m. That'll be airing shortly, as in a matter of days. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!. Forget about keeping a good Wolf down.. At this point we'll be fortunate enough just to hang on!!. Definitely one of the up and coming talents destined to break conventional thought through some of his future endeavors. In the form of musical video and public awareness shows that can be seen easily on local television. Thus helping to promote different NFP organizations he wishes to start. such as a rehabilitation center for women of cross addicted drug use. Specializing in women that were former prostitutes and or wanting to leave the life. Needing help and shelter from some of society's most determined and deadly predators, the American Pimp. Also wanting very much to branch out into larger community speaking venues in local area colleges. To reach the best and brightest young minds, that are determined to make a difference as well.. AT LONG LAST.. THE COMMUNITY HAS A RAPPER THAT IS WORTHY OF BEING CALLED MUSICAL ROYALTY. Long live the new King of the rebellion!. bringing a flow that rivals Jay-Z and Nas in their younger hungrier years. With acting ability, mixed with a natural charisma, attractive looks and million dollar smile that can never be contained. Currently he is working on his new project, yet to be titled. Debuting in the year of 2015/2016. In current circulation is his new single. #"I Pray". You can also catch Wolfman on BAVC SFCOMMONS Saturday’s at 10 pm and second and fourth Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. For more information on "Wolfman Black".. Please contact at: Wolfman_black.7 instagram Wolfmanblack77@gmail Antoine Brooks /FB 415-845-0424 cell#



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