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Gabriel Solomon
Dust 2 Dawn Radio Show
Gabriel Solomon aka G.S is one of the hosts of Dust 2 Dawn Radio Show on KPR1. G.S started in the industry as a youth in Houston Tx. Learning early that media, music and entertainment is a powerful tool to influence and shape the thoughts of listeners, he started a independent recording label titled No Mercy Entertainment with an artist roster that included Infamou$, Dez-Nell, Blue House Boys, Tony T, The Yellow Bus Gang and BHB. Later he would bring the same spirit and determination used to increase No Mercy Entertainment presence into a regional brand to create a media platform called The Positive Network Group (TPNG). Dust 2 Dawn is one of the programs that G.S co-produces for KPR1 Radio that addresses the need for the show listeners to become pro active in their community.


Weekdays 7am (PST)
Weekdays 7pm (PST)

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