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Born in Oakland, California to a single mother, SteveLan was exposed to the unique sounds of the Bay Area at a very young age. To quell the darker side of his environment, violence and drug usage being rampant in his neighborhood, and with only his mother to support him; SteveLan used music and football to express his frustrations and project his artistry. Initially, a career as a professional athlete steered Lan in a positive direction. Football took him the farthest by helping him gain a college degree however, becoming a rapper kept persisting at the back of his mind in which he could no longer fight. A stint as a member of a local rap group, E-Team ensued whose first album Smooth Ghetto Jazz helped Lan realize he had a strong knack for writing lyrics. The group didn’t last long, and Steve broke out as a soloist. SteveLan often describes his music as “Middle Finger Music,” an artistic statement to anyone and everyone, that he is unique, does not conform, and raps about whatever he feels like without concern for criticism. Steve is passionate about being able to express himself poetically, delivering powerful subliminal messages, while at the same time entertaining his fan base, particularly the ladies. “I don’t go into the studio to try to sound like anybody else or imitate what anybody else is doing; so, when I say middle finger music, it’s just like, I don’t care what anybody else thinks. I’m not going to let society conform me.”
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