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KPR1 Radio Is In Your City with Classic Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Neo Soul, Talk Radio and much more. Through network partners and collaborations, we have created marketing and promotional strategies to reach millions of individuals in national and foreign markets. Online streaming is now recognized as an effective platform to get your brand exposed to the masses while generating revenue via advertising and sponsorship packages.

Djs and Promoters, become a KPR1 mixer to expand your business networking and visibility in national and international markets while building your local following. We will assist you in marketing and promotional strategies to increase audience growth via social media, flyer distribution and public appearances that you can utilize to promote and market your own events and concerts.

Become a KPR1 Radio Personality while interacting with passionate listeners and followers. Expand your music library by receiving exclusive tracks from national and international artists and groups. Produce a 30 min or 1 hr program that will increase brand recognition that will generate advertising revenue and sponsorship. We will assist you in marketing and promotions strategies to increase audience growth via social media, flyer distribution and public appearances that will increase your residual income.

KPR1 seeks dynamic and motivating radio personalities able to generate traffic to This is a great opportunity to earn unlimited revenue will building followers worldwide. If you have ever wanted to share your love of music to a national and global audience, this is your platform. Are you motivated by the prospect of generating unlimited revenue in adverting and sponsorship by delivering topics and issues that the worldwide community truly care about.

Hosting a radio show whether talk or music will be a game-changer in your life.

Hosts enjoy the following services:

  • 15-30 second show Id that broadcasts your show, time, blog and social
    media page.
  • 1 or 2 hour weekly live broadcast at a set day and time.
  • Monthly reports on listenership numbers and location.
  • A Flash banner with show title and host photo on KPR1 Radio home page.
  • Weekly produced E-card announcements with show topics and guests.
  • Professional and technical Host training.
  • Professionally Host page with On-Demand listening and a link to your
    personal website.
  • All shows are available live and archives.
  • 50 live concurrent callers.
  • Customized packages for sponsors and advertisers.
  • 3 links to the social media of your choice
  • Ability to share with 400 social media sites and search engines

Optional technologies are offered to better market your product to reach maximum exposure, cost vary pending your choice of options:

  • Up to 5 live shows per week.
  • Out of area studio guests and listener call-ins using skype.
  • Video streaming to your website
  • Daily distribution of press releases for your show to social media sites.
  • Courses in public speaking and program formatting from a veteran radio host.
  • Prime time scheduling.
  • Availability to live chat during show's broadcast.
  • All optional technologies are chosen when assigned to an account manager

Contact us today at 510 629-1577 or for an opportunity to host your own music or talk show on KPR1 Radio Network.


0:00 – 0:30 (30 sec) SHOW INTRODUCTION
0:30 – 11:30 (12 MIN) Segment
11:30 – 14:30 (3 MIN) Commercials
14:30 – 26:30 (12 MIN) Segment
26:30 – 29:30 (3 MIN) Commercial or Musical Interlude
41:30 – 41:30 (12 MIN) Segment
41:30 – 44:30 (3 MIN) Commercials
44:30 – 49:30 (3 MIN) Closing Remarks
49:30 – 50:00 (30 MIN) Show Outro

(Ads/sponsor mentions are 15 to 30 second spots at a total of 9 minutes per hour)(two hour shows are 2 1hr shows added)
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