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KPR1 Radio - Home of R&B, Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Talk and much more...


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News & Current Events


Written By:
Ricardo A. Gidarisingh

All of Black America was excited to hear that one of our greatest historic leaders would be honored on the 20 dollar bill.

That excitement has now been dampened with the possibility that the Trump administration could shut the entire operation down:

Unreleased footage they didn't broadcast

Written By:
Dan Nielan

A few weeks ago, when a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, erupted in violence, the internet was flooded with photos, videos, and anecdotes from protestors down on the front lines. Suddenly, the hate that long burbled beneath the surface in America was laid bare for all to see.

Trump’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Think He’s Racist

Written By:
Nigel Roberts NewsOne

Kara Young said it was “not my experience” that the future president was a White supremacist sympathizer.

Yes, President Donald Trump, who gave legitimacy to White supremacist groups, dated a Black woman.


Written By:

Millennials are often the most stereotyped, yet coveted, group for marketers. The second-largest generation group in the U.S. has now “grown up,” and its consumers have disposable incomes. This provides a plethora of opportunities for advertisers and marketers who are so eager to reach them, as Millennials are highly engaged, using multiple platforms for many hours on a daily basis.